Zodiac pendant Bull skull for Taurus in white bronze and oxidized antique color ,Rocker jewelry ,Skull jewelry,Biker jewelry
The pendants came with brass chain long 26"
If you need other length of the chain please leave message to us during the checkout. We'll adjust with no additional charges.

"Ramble" is for Aries boundaries 21 Mar –19 Apr
“Bull” is for Taurus boundaries 20 Apr–20 May
"Twins" is for Gemini boundaries 21 May –20 June
“Crab" for Cancer boundaries 21 June –22 July
“The Lion” is for Leo boundaries 23 July –22 Aug
“Virgin” is for Virgo boundaries 23 Aug – 22 Sep
"Scaly" recalls Scales is for Libra boundaries 23 Sept–22 Oct
"Scorpion" is for Scorpio boundaries 23 October –21 November
"The Archer (Centaur) “is for Sagittarius boundaries 22 Nov –21 Dece
" Goat-horned “(The Sea-Goat) is for Capricorn boundaries 22 Dec –19 Jan
“ The Water Bearer” is for Aquarius boundaries 20 Jan –18 Feb
"Fish" is for Pisces boundaries 19 Feb–20 Mar
Care instructions:
"Brass & White Bronze" will naturally oxidize over time. You may see a patina develop over your jewelry. To enjoy this antique look simply wear your jewelry as usual. If you prefer a shinier look, use a Metal cleaner,Metal polishing cloth or lemon juice to restore your jewelry's luster.
All item will arrive with mafia fabric bag put in mafia jewelry box look great

Taurus Bull Skull Zodiac pendant Collection

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